My Top 5 Favorite Romantical Movie Scenes for Valentine’s Day

(Originally posted on for Valentine’s Day on 2-14-12)

I am not a big proponent of Valentine’s Day. I am not a big fan of holidays in general for that matter. It just seems that we, as a culture, take great ideas and over think them to the point that we destroy all the fun in them. Look at Sundays for instance – a day of rest. We have found a way to make it the most stressful day of the week in one way or another. For those of the believing persuasion, it is a day of heightened expectation and rushing, for those that are of the unbelieving persuasion, it is a day of lowered expectation and grousing that everything is closed.

Don’t even get me started on Christmas or Super Bowl Sunday.

But out of all of them, Valentine’s Day is probably the worst because fully half of the population loves it, and the other half hates it, and everyone dreads it.

Anyway, enough ranting, let’s see some videos in no particular order.

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Flash Fiction Story: The Ghost on the Hill by Ben Fuller

(This is a short story that I wrote several years ago for a Flash Fiction group that I participate in on Facebook.)

The General stood on the hill and gazed out. The distant memories of that early morning still played out in front of him. Absently, he pulled at his short beard as the sun broke the horizon and began to flood the plain with morning. The shadows of the many tombstones stretched out, as if reaching to him in supplication.

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The Current Top Five Nerdiest Things In My Life

(Originally posted on on 1-24-12)

I no longer consider myself a full-fledged nerd /or a full on geek. At a certain point life just kind of takes over and those things that dominated our perception of ourselves lose some of their traction, as our very own Craig so aptly explained previously.  Right now, I tend to refer to myself as a Reformed Geek. Life has staged an intervention for me and forced me into its own 12 step program that has curtailed my dogged determination to be fully immersed in nerdology.

All of that does not mean that I no longer have any Geek tendencies, though. My former massive nerdishness still resonates strongly with my more nostalgic side and I keep my gauntleted hand in the water just to stay connected to that past part of me. That is why I thought it might be interesting to put together the following list of the current Top Five Nerdiest things in my life.

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – Movie Review (***1/2)

(Originally posted on on 11-21-05)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has been, hands down, my favorite book of the series to this point. The story follows Harry through his fourth year at Hogwart’s. It also follows Harry through his fourteenth year of life. In this fourth and fourteenth year, respectively, Harry’s world opens up a little wider. Hogwart’s has been chosen as the location for the Tri-Wizard tournament. An inter-school competition in which three schools each enter a champion from their student body and compete in three challenges (all of them dangerous) to see who takes the title. All the while the evidence builds that “He who must not be named” has returned. All very engaging and extremely well thought out and executed, so, it was with a certain amount of trepidation that I went to see the film adaptation at the theater upon its release.

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Nacho Libre – Movie Review (**)

(Originally posted on on 7-2-06)

Let me state right up front that I absolutely loathed Napoleon Dynamite. I found it petty, cynical and mean spirited. There were, however, moments of extreme promise, but they felt more like happy little accidents than anything else – moments that the filmmakers weren’t even aware of, let alone how they happened – which only increased my ire at the movie itself. And believe me, I tried to give it a chance, I saw it almost 2 and a half times (I walked out of the second viewing about 20 minutes in and forced myself to suffer through Without a Paddle instead – the last viewing was on DVD as a team building event, it was their choice and me, being the great boss that I am, gave in to their misguided desire). Having said that, please believe me when I say that I went into Nacho Libre with relatively positive expectations.

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Serenity – Movie Review (***)

(Originally posted on on 11-05-05)

I never saw the TV series. A lot of my friends were huge fans of it and took every opportunity they could to encourage me to watch it. But I never did, and quite frankly I went out of my way to not watch it (some silly excuse having to do with my overstrained ego and being jealous of the way director and writer Joss Whedon has been able to build huge and loyal fan bases while I languish in IT Sales…). Suffice it to say, though, that I have now purchased the whole TV series of Firefly on DVD based simply on how well I liked the movie.

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