#FakeNaziQuotes and #DefinitionofU2 – May 2011 (Failed Meme Creation Attempts)

Every once in a while I try to tackle the big wide social world all on my own and create a meme. I have failed to have any kind of impact whatsoever. Every single time. Here are two of my attempts from May  2011.

I am not proud of any of them.

They are in the order in which they were originally tweeted…:


“A hot toddy and a hearty stew is the perfect topper for a long night in the lab.” Josef Mengele 1942 #fakenaziquotes

“Even the butterfly is deserving of the grandest respect before being dipped in a fine swiss chocolate.” Adolf Eichmann #fakenaziquotes

“I much prefer a Betta fish to a Mollie type fish as pet, though Puppy dogs can serve more uses.” Hermann Goering #fakenaziquotes

(several of these are by my friend Randy)

U2 – adjective, having or showing an exaggerated opinion of one’s own importance; pompously conceited or haughty. #definitionofU2

U2 – a species of surviving dinosaur, living/reproducing in England, but going into the outside world to forage for money. #definitionofU2

U2 – a scheme whereby a band no one cares about finances broadway musicals no one wants to see. #definitionofU2

U2 – a band that exists only so forty-five year olds can insist they’re nothing like their parents. #definitionofU2

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