Tornado Memories of Oklahoma

When we lived in Oklahoma when I was little (actually just outside of Moore, where my Aunt and Uncle lived), it seemed like Tornado warnings were a pretty common occurrence and always frightening in a “I’m just a little kid and I have no control over anything, and I don’t understand why everyone is suddenly tense and nervous” kind of way.

At school, there were regular tornado drills and we always knew where the storm shelters were because they were cool and enticing – big holes in the ground with steel doors on top. There was actually one right behind my Grandparents home that I would walk slowly by repeatedly hoping for an excuse to go inside.

There was one tornado I remember fairly clearly (clearly for me anyway) – in my head it happened on the day that Six Million Dollar Man premiered on TV (that part is probably not true, but it is how I remember it), and the show was interrupted with a storm warning and it was in our relative vicinity (we lived in Spencer). Dad went outside to check and we could see the cloud off in the distance. When it looked like it was heading our way, he piled us all into the car (we didn’t have a shelter at our house) and we hit the road. He would track it and drive the opposite direction.

It ended up never coming near, but afterward we drove by the affected area and it was humbling. Big brick buildings reduced to rubble, trees sitting out in the middle of streets where there was no open area for trees to grow nearby. As kids we learned early to respect how unpredictable and devastating these things could be there.

Anyway, this is just a really long and belabored way to say that this recent storm in Moore was really, really bad and if you can donate or help, that would probably be a very nice thing of you.

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