A Second Series of Vaguely Movie Related Tweets (5-13-12 to 8-28-13)

I generally spend an inordinate amount of time inside of my head crafting reviews and opinion pieces that I then forget before writing them down. With the advent of Twitter and FB, I started sharing out random thoughts and ideas with the intention of writing something more indepth at a later date. That has rarely happened.

This second series of vaguely movie related tweets (the first being here) span the period from March 13, 2012 to today – August 28, 2013. They are listed in the order in which they were originally tweeted. I may be missing some, because picking through a spreadsheet of tweets is a pain in the ass.

And now, may I present to you… A Second Series of Vaguely Movie Related Tweets:

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My Twitter Reviews: Part 2 (from 4-14-12 to 8-28-13)

I have been tweeting short 140 character Movie Reviews since I got on Twitter. I have alternated between taking great pride in boiling down a complex opinion about something to a short, but thoughtful tweet and feeling lamely self-important about it.

This second set of reviews (the first set can be found here) span the period from April 14, 2012 to September 28, 2013. There are 94 of them and they are all in chronological order (rather, the order in which I tweeted them).

And now, may I present to you… A Bunch Of Twitter Movie Reviews – Part 2:

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All Mashed Up

(This thing is super rough, I will probably be tweaking at it for the next couple of years until I feel it makes some kind of sense.)

Mash-up – the act of taking two relatively unrelated things and making one new and exciting thing.

When I was really little, I had a little white line down my chest (it might have been an imaginary line) – we used to joke that it was the dividing line between my American half and my Chinese half. The thing is, kids take that kind of conceptual thinking literally. I really felt that there were two separate halves of me stacked side by side, and that line was the demarcation point between the two.

As a youth, I desperately longed to know other people like me. I wasn’t quite Chinese, but not quite white, either.

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