A Second Series of Vaguely Movie Related Tweets (5-13-12 to 8-28-13)

I generally spend an inordinate amount of time inside of my head crafting reviews and opinion pieces that I then forget before writing them down. With the advent of Twitter and FB, I started sharing out random thoughts and ideas with the intention of writing something more indepth at a later date. That has rarely happened.

This second series of vaguely movie related tweets (the first being here) span the period from March 13, 2012 to today – August 28, 2013. They are listed in the order in which they were originally tweeted. I may be missing some, because picking through a spreadsheet of tweets is a pain in the ass.

And now, may I present to you… A Second Series of Vaguely Movie Related Tweets:

I wanna do an adaptation of Citizen Kane, but as a series of cute cat videos and the end of each one has a search clue to find the next one.

If I had to choose between Kevin Smith or Fred Olen Ray to save the world, then I hope you like giant bikini shark movies.

Joel Grey should’ve been nominated for an Academy Award for his role in Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins. #OscarsShmoscars

Lagoon really is just like the movie Adventureland. So very sad.

I kinda want to see Ted, but not enough to, you know, actually see it.

I have decided that Lloyd Dobler is to late era Boomer women what John Galt was to Post WW2 era social climbers.

I wanna adapt Lord of the Flies for the Disney Channel. Every week will have tween on tween violence, a hit pop song and an uplifting moral.

Against all the laws of science somehow Wet Hot American Summer just continually gets better and better with each viewing.

For some reason my brain is trying to put together a case for Wet Hot American Summer being the spiritual precursor to Moonrise Kingdom.

I love, love, love Bill Murray’s Quick Change. I could watch everyday.

I kinda want to stage a live reading of the One Million Years B.C. screenplay.

I would like to do a puppet adaptation of Les Mis with Roddy Piper as Valjean, Paul Reubens as Javert, and Helena Bonham Carter as Cosette.

Will I always forever be cursed with the inability to do even a slightly passable Christopher Walken impersonation?

Would anyone else be interested in seeing a sequel to Bottle Rocket directed by Quentin Tarantino?

Some days I think I could watch That Thing You Do! endlessly over and over.

Larry David should get an Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actress for his portrayal of Sister Mary Mengele.

I wanna remake Escape From New York as a Teen Rom/Com in the style of John Hughes – “Snake Plisken? I heard you got held back a year.”

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies are surprisingly fun, and @rachaeleharris is just an awesome bonus.

I wanna remake Xanadu as a horror movie, full of violence, monsters and gore, but with all of the original songs completely unchanged.

Not sure how a heavily edited and bleeped version of Blazing Saddles remotely qualifies as a VH1 Rock and Roll Picture Show.

Has the Popeye movie ever been adapted for stage? That could be kinda cool, I think.

I would very much love a remake of Wizard of Oz but with Pee-Wee Herman in the Dorothy role.

Alternatively, I would also like to see a mash-up of Big Top Pee-Wee and Water for Elephants.

Holy shit, Open Range is intense.

I am hoping that Zack Snyder’s follow up to Man of Steel will be an epic telling of the Hamblor – God of Hamburgers story.

I wonder if it is possible to make a faithful adaptation of Dune without aesthetically looking anything like the 1984 David Lynch version.

I didn’t like my twitter review of Holy Motors that I posted yesterday so I am going to try it again.

I’m surprised there isn’t more awards chatter for Larry David’s bravura performance as Sister Mary Mengele in the Three Stooges movie.

There is more genuine emotion in the slim 90 minute Three Stooges movie than in the entire Nicholas Sparks’ book or film catalog.

Amongst all the plentitude and cinematic high-mindedness of Sundance, I plan on seeing The Last Stand today. So, take that Robert Redford.

The fact that Semi-Pro isn’t in the top 5 bball movies of all time as voted by UofU bball team explains completely why I dont follow sports.

A reality show about the white trash family in ID4 or about the white trash family in Mars Attacks? Please choose and provide your reasoning

I am not entirely convinced that Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and Drive Angry are two completely different movies.

I wanna do a Spartacus spinoff, but only cast sitcom stars. Jon Cryer as the Slave Trader, Peter Scolari as Caesar, Fred Savage as Spartacus

I wanna do a Thin Red Line-type war movie, but cast it with guys like Paul Reubens, Kyle Gass, Michael Cera and the like.

The ending of Raw Deal when Kolchak walks again makes me all teary every single time.

The Sgt Bilko movie is so perfectly cast that it would be really hard to argue that other actors would’ve worked better in the various roles

The ending of Rushmore leaves me blubbering. Every. Single. Time.

I am now watching Mom and Dad Save the World which also leaves me blubbering, but for different reasons.

Is it creepy that Alvin, Theodore and Simon are into their exact female mirror counterparts, or would it be creepier if they weren’t?

I sometimes forget how powerful of a performance James Franco delivers in Date Night.

#ThingISaid – “Saying it won several student film festivals is like saying it had the best smelling dog butt in the pound.”

The movie Lifeforce is so insane and uniquely its own thing I am always surprised when I stumble across and remember it wasn’t a dream.

My 79 year old chinese mother just told me that she went to see the new Evil Dead movie by herself, and that it was awesome.

I wanna make a movie about a giant, reclusive, underappreciated director with a fondness for monsters and toys and call it Mighty Joe Dante.

Someone should do a Hangover trailer using clips only from Gene Kelly movies.

The Lorax is starting to seem a lot like a remake of Logan’s Run all of a suddenly.

In an alternate universe Kevin Smith became a well respected comedy and tv writer by letting others rewrite him and direct his scripts.

Bill Murray in Kingpin is probably the single greatest star turn in the history of cinema.

I wanna host a talk show in which all that my guest and I do is spread mean rumors about my next week’s guest.

The roles that Ben Stiller plays in movies are the same roles that Rick Moranis quit Hollywood in order to avoid doing.

Are there any scholarly papers on whether Dennis Hopper’s Smoker Society from #Waterworld would be an actual viable form of government?

I wanna remake The Warriors, but instead of street thugs a gang of old school Trekkers have to cross DragonCon in time to meet Clint Howard.

I would like to put my vote in for Diary of a Wimpy Kid as #BestMovieTrilogyEver

I wanna remake Seven Samurai, except it would have Elvis Impersonators trying to save a small struggling Motel/Casino in Duckwater, Nevada.

What I love most about SyFy Shark movies is that any amount of water is bad – a lite summer sprinkle in Nevada could turn into a bloodbath.

George Clooney is never more awesome than when he is working with the Coen Brothers. #IntolerableCruelty

What if Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfus, and Cindy Williams showed up in the next #FastFurious movie making it a sequiel to #AmericanGraffiti?

Hogan’s Heroes is quite possibly the most perfectly cast sitcom in history.

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