Additional Failed Twitter Meme Creation Attempts

These are just some of my poor attempts over the last couple of years in which I tried to either jump on a trending Twitter bandwagon or start my own meme.

Both to little effect.


#NotAMillionDollarIdea – a band that performs Police covers for kids’ parties called “Some Pig”.
#NotAMillionDollarIdea – A Wiggles reunion tour when they all turn 50, so before the end of 2012.
#NotAMillionDollarIdea – a reboot/reimagining of AfterMASH.


“The Evolution of Our Love is Suspended in an Isolation Chamber” – song I need to write for my unofficial Altered States musical adaptation.
“I Have Six Toes When I Regress” – #SongForUnofficialAlteredStatesMusical.


#sixwordstories She dreamt of jello and carrots.
#sixwordstories – Once alive, I’m less so now.
#sixwordstories – “Be bold,” Mother said, cowering away.


#TheSuperBowlPrayer – On this most holy of days, may the impenetrable glare of St Vince Lombardi oversee you.
May you take the true meaning of the pre-game show to heart and learn the lessons there that are intended.
May the 1977 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader squad smile down on you from their sacred place on your bedroom ceiling.
And may you take the holy sacrament of nachos, buffalo wings and lite beer in purity of soul. In the name of Hank Williams, Jr, amen.


What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women. #candyheartrejects
He is Conan, Cimmerian, he won’t cry, so I cry for him. #candyheartrejects
Kiss me. Let me breathe my last breath into your mouth. #candyheartrejects


“The Large Hadron Collider is so large that, in scientific circles, it is popularly referred to as The Hadron Jeremy.” #jokeiwrote

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