Weird Left Over Twitter Miscellany

These are just odds and ends from my Twitter feed that have built up over the last couple of years and don’t really fit well into any one category, but I still think are worth archiving in this manner.


I wanna do a mash-up of Kony 2012 and My Little Pony. We could call all the kids pulled into it “Kronies”.

Understanding the silliness of someone saying that they are a Big Idea Person is what makes me such a great big idea kinda guy.

Veni, Vidi, Vichy – We came, we watched some videos, we had cold fish soup. #notreally

Watching So You Think You Can Dance is the gayest thing I do for the straightest of reasons.

I wonder what kind of person I would be today if I had actually listened to XTC in the 80s, rather just pretending to.

The reason why we will never have peace on Earth is because of all of the Team Players.

Why do I always have to be Matt Stone? Why can’t I be Trey Parker once in a while? #balanceofpower #southpark

I wanna make an App that automatically re-shares everything that George Takei posts. It would cut in half everyone’s total time online.

I think Alan Moore is a real prick and massive hypocrite, but when he really wants to, that crazy old man can write like no one’s business.

Have gone to sleep every night this week watching #SharkWeek on Discovery, only to awake to #Televangelists. Does that qualify as irony?

The 3 C’s of being a great Stand-up Comic are: Cohesion, Concision, and would it kill you to just be funny for once? One time? Just once.

At this moment I am torn between hash tagging #RachaelHarris in every tweet and not being creepy.

I am not a Star Trek fan, but sometimes I really think the Prime Directive should be applied to the Middle East.

I suspect that last tweet was possibly offensive to both Muslims and Trekkers.

Auto-correct is an obnoxious, spoiled teenager. Siri is his empty-headed trophy wife mother.

CBI Security always makes me think of Blackwater Kindergarten.

Sometimes, in my head, I refer to myself as Spartacus-in-Chief or VP of Spartacus Services.

People need to embrace the opportunity to think beyond the restrictive boundaries of the imaginary cube shaped structure in which we operate

I feel like SLC was designed in SimCity: industrial next to school next to downtown next to suburb. But it’s on a grid so it’s all good!!

I wanna do a photo tour of the South and just take pictures of every Waffle House I pass. It will be a huge 30 volume set.

“Assigned seating is the hallmark of true civilization.” – I think Plato said that when the Who played the Coliseum and 23 Christians died.

The Typeface Wars – society is thrown into chaos as the two largest Font families in the world war over which has the most readable fonts.

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