Noah – Movie Review (as a comment thread on Facebook)

I have seen Noah twice now and think it is a heady, beautiful film that finally gives the Noah story some substance beyond the kind of Sunday School/Bedtime children’s tale it has become in the last 100 years or so. I also realize it has turned out to be a fairly polarizing film for a variety of reasons. So, instead of writing a review of it, or even doing it as bullet points, I thought I would just post the comment thread from my FB page. (Nicole wins best comment.)

It all kicks off with my Twitter Review (which I cross-posted to FB).

Ben: #Noah – I think it’s kind of a Masterpiece. I think it’s pretty much perfect. I think it’s a beautiful story well told. I really loved it.

Julee: Where were the hobbits?

Vickie: Don’t go see the movie it was terrible and will leave your mind scrambled.

Carmen: Who are you?

Scott: Are you talking about the Noah starring Bill Cosby? Because if you are, I am with you 100%.

Vickie: No, the one with Russell Crow, out in theaters now.

Brooks: I’ll have to schedule a viewing – if for no other reason than to irritate Glen Beck.

Vincent: I liked the family conflict, but thought the Watchers were silly.

Ben: Vickie, we will have to disagree on the relative quality of the film, but can agree that it definitely can scramble a mind.

Ben: It is steeped in old Hebrew traditions of the pre-flood accounts, which are a huge soft spot for me.

Kyle: The actual film-making was extremely well done, which gave a lot of leeway to the script. But the script didn’t need it, cuz it was great too. It miraculously managed to not be cheesy.

Danielle: I’m so confused right now.

Greg: I didn’t love it. I liked the cinematography and Anthony Hopkins and his berry lust, but the rest of it just left me… “dry” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Greg: I should say I don’t usually like period pieces and would have passed if it wasn’t Aronofsky.

Ben: I’m not a big Aronofsky booster myself. Loved The Fountain (once I understood it), wasn’t big on Black Swan. Liked The Wrestler (Marisa Tomei), and Requiem for a Dream was way too bleak for me. But this one kinda hit all of my buttons.

Ben: The History Of NOAH’s Watchers, The Creatures That Scared The Hell Out of ILM from

Kyle: Ben I’m the exact same way. The Fountain is one of my all time favs, but Black Swan was way overrated. My theory is that Arronofsky is good when he has a big budget.

Joellen: Seeing it this afternoon. The soundtrack hooked me.

Karl: That’s it, I’m in.

Ben: I will try to find some links to Hugh Nibley’s work which is where I was introduced to the wonderful weirdness of Antediluvian Earth.

Joellen: So, hurray for Iceland for on-location shots! What happened behaviorally and emotionally is understandable and believable, even if heartbreaking at times. Soundtrack was a winner. Even liked the font and speed of credits. Kudos and smooches to ILM! Ray Winstone did his job so well that even I wanted to cut him down without mercy. That disturbs me, btw.

Vickie: I have to say it just bored me to death. Visually it was spectacular, but the Watchers ruined it for me. Why did they have to look like a character from the Muppets? It just went from a big oh this is gonna be good to OMG what? They could have made the Watchers into another form that would have helped the interpretation of a fallen angel. Sorry it just sucked is all I can say.

Ben: For those interested: Reconciling Creation And Evolution In NOAH from

Joellenn: ^^ Thanks for posting this.

Karl: Normally I’m all about these big rambling chats but I think I’ll abstain.

Ben: Karl, I don’t understand your last comment.You? Abstain.

Nicole: Great special effects, decent performances. I wasn’t emotionally connected with it, but I wasn’t traumatized afterward either, like Black Swan. The two most endearing aspects for me were:
#1 Post-flood Mutual of Omaha animal footage circa 1982.
#2 Drunk Noah on the beach looking, briefly, like Will Sasso as Kenny Rogers.
Nicole Daly's photo.


2 thoughts on “Noah – Movie Review (as a comment thread on Facebook)

  1. Good review Ben. Yeah, it was a weird movie, but it actually worked for me. Don’t know how or why, other than that it just did.

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