14 Twitter Movie Reviews (4-10-14 to 6-13-14)

This fourth set of twitter movie reviews is a bit shorter than the previous three (which can be found here, here and here). I am not seeing as many movies currently as I have in the past (have been watching a ton of TV though… so there’s that…). These 14 reviews span the period from April 10, 2014 to June 13 2014 and are listed in chronological order (the order in which they were originally posted).

I have been tweeting these sort of short 140 character Movie Reviews since I first joined Twitter. I have alternated between taking great pride in boiling down a complex opinion about something to a short, but thoughtful tweet and feeling lamely self-important about it.

Anyway, may I present to you… 14 Twitter-sized Movie Reviews:

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#Raid2 – twice as thoughtful, twice as brutal, and twice as long as the first one.

#DraftDay – all sports movies should be like this, an awesome bunch of actors, a lot of personality, and a minimum of actual sports.

#Transcendence – a potentially smart and interesting movie hampered by the economics and needs of Hollywood Blockbuster Filmmaking.

#JodorowskysDune – what is it called when you are deeply nostalgic about something that never existed? I wish I were more like Jodo.

#AmazingSpiderMan2 – Peter, Gwen, and Aunt May really worked, but the rest of the characters are right out of Nickelodeon Central Casting.

#Godzilla – a moving love story about a troubled couple on the run from ‘Zilla Law, and all of the little people who get crushed underneath.

#XmenDaysOfFuturePast – if only the whole movie had the energy, fun and personality of the scenes with the Quicksilver character.

#CBGB – one day someone will make a great movie about that wonderful club, and they can use this movie as an example of what not to do.

#Bernie – seriously, flat out brilliant. Linklater is my hero. Jack Black should only be allowed to act in his films.

#AMillionWaysToDieInTheWest – if 2 big laugh out loud moments mixed in with several chuckles is your thing then this is the movie for you.

#InTheBlood – I actually kinda liked it for what is is. Sparse-ish execution, focused story w/ some quirkiness thrown in, and decent action.

#Neighbors – Seth Rogen is a very uncompelling actor, yet he is one of the most consistent creators of surprisingly fun and likable movies.

#EdgeOfTomorrow – the best scifi/actioner ever made based on a semi-controversial Malcolm Gladwell quote. Also, it was a super fun flick.

#22JumpStreet – it’s kinda the #CaptainAmericaWinterSoldier of comedy sequels, but a whole lot funnier. It is basically the perfect comedy.

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