Gil’s All Fright Diner – Book Review (***)

(Originally posted on i-Pocalypse on 7-6-05)

The Earl of Vampires and the Duke of Werewolves (actually a White Trash Vampire named Earl and a Redneck Werewolf named Duke) find themselves drawn into the undead problems of Loretta, the owner/operator of Gil’s All Night Diner, a run down truck stop on the edge of a small desert town out in the middle of nowhere. And from there the book only gets weirder and goofier. With the addition of Lilith, the Mistress of the Night (actually, Tammy, local high school asian sex-kitten and wiccan), her Jock boy friend Chad, a Magic 8 Ball containing the imprisoned spirit of a mysterious wizard, several assorted ghouls, a lovelorn ghost tied to the local cemetery and various Old Gods trying to breach the inter-dimensional portal in order to take over the world (natch’) the story picks up several twists and amusing sidebars as it barrels to its pre-destined conclusion.

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