Another Tricky Day – Chapter One by Ben Fuller

(This is the first chapter to a book that I started to write in 1988. I wrote two chapters, did a full outline, and a complete chapter by chapter breakout. It is basically a YA action/adventure fantasy starring me and my best friends from High School. I was going to start sending it out to agents back then, but got caught up in writing a screenplay that I cannot find now. I don’t think anything was lost in not sending it out – after re-reading it and re-typing it to post here, I don’t think it was written for any audience other than me and my three friends that  it features. I will add Chapter Two, outline and chapter by chapter breakouts in the next month or so.)

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – Book Review (***)

(Originally posted on on 7-19-05)

JK Rowling is an extremely blessed writer. She wrote a book (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone) that became the cornerstone to what has, in effect, become a publishing phenomenon. The series of books are pretty much the ink and paper equivalent of the Star Wars series of movies, and the fan base is just as devoted. With the release of each new book, publishing records fall and new ones are set and Ms Rowling becomes increasingly more financially stable. Added to this, however, are the increased expectations for her to deliver more – bigger and better adventures, twists, characterizations – upon which, to this point and for the most part, she has pretty much been able to deliver. But this is all academic. You already know this.

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World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks – Book Review (***1/2)

(Originally posted on on 10-09-06)

Me and Zombies, we go way back. I remember, as a kid, my Dad saying out of nowhere in a really loud and scary voice, “Night of the Liiiiiving Deeeeaaadd!!!” just to scare the holy heck out of my little sister. I remember my mom packing us kids into the station wagon and taking us to the Drive-in to watch all night Horror Fests. I distinctly recall cowering, one time, in the very back of the car under a blanket and pillows during Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things while Mom sat up front eating popcorn and Chinese food and complaining the movie wasn’t scary enough.

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Gil’s All Fright Diner – Book Review (***)

(Originally posted on i-Pocalypse on 7-6-05)

The Earl of Vampires and the Duke of Werewolves (actually a White Trash Vampire named Earl and a Redneck Werewolf named Duke) find themselves drawn into the undead problems of Loretta, the owner/operator of Gil’s All Night Diner, a run down truck stop on the edge of a small desert town out in the middle of nowhere. And from there the book only gets weirder and goofier. With the addition of Lilith, the Mistress of the Night (actually, Tammy, local high school asian sex-kitten and wiccan), her Jock boy friend Chad, a Magic 8 Ball containing the imprisoned spirit of a mysterious wizard, several assorted ghouls, a lovelorn ghost tied to the local cemetery and various Old Gods trying to breach the inter-dimensional portal in order to take over the world (natch’) the story picks up several twists and amusing sidebars as it barrels to its pre-destined conclusion.

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