Rescue Dawn – Movie Review

(Originally posted on on 6-29-07 approximately)

I find Werner Herzog an endlessly intriguing filmmaker. He has solidly commercial instincts and ability, but he rarely goes for the easy film sell. If you just look at his filmography ( you get the sense of a very particular artist with very particular tastes and a well entrenched point of view that he uses to inform all of his work. If he wanted he could work regularly in Hollywood at the Sidney Lumet/Sydney Pollack level of director (the level where A list stars like to hang out for those big Academy Award nominations and recognition – or at least used to during the 80s and 90s), however, he rarely does. That is why Rescue Dawn is such a treat. I just wished I hadn’t researched the real story it is based on after seeing it. Now I am second guessing everything I have ever thought of the acclaimed filmmaker.

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Batman Begins – Movie Review (****)

(Originally posted on on 6-18-05)

Four stars… I gave Batman Begins four stars. I give four stars pretty rarely. It’s not like I am Rex Reed or, you know, what’s his name, the made up guy that used to show up in all the ad copy for every movie under the sun from a couple of years ago. I don’t have any fast and hard rules on what constitutes the earning of four stars, but the main points that I take into consideration are that the film actually accomplishes what it sets out to do, that it brings something special or extra to the mix that was not expected, that the characters are for the most part defined by more than just the simple necessities of the plot and that the performers conform to their roles and not the other way around. Based on those criteria alone Batman Begins delivers.

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