The “Art” of Martial Arts by Ben Fuller

(This is a slightly revised version of my essay for my Black Belt/Instructor level examination from the early 90’s in Traditional Northern Style Chinese Martial Arts. The original version of this essay was published in the WuGong: Journal of Chinese Martial Arts, July-August 1998, Vol. 3, #16.)

Originally, in the ancient war torn Asian lands, the martial life was the only life, if indeed you wished to live at all. Over the years and millennia, over the accrued experience of generations, after war after war, the Asian people started turning their combat training into something more.

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Jackie Chan, Jet Li and the Struggle with Hollywood

(Originally posted on in early ’02 or thereabouts)

Jackie Chan is a legend. He is probably the most successful Asian film star of all time.  His following is fanatical. There are droves of people that believe he does all of his own stunts without the benefit of a net. Now whether that is true or not (not), he is truly a talented man and an amazing physical specimen.

In short, he is well established.

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Unleashed – Movie Review (***)

(Originally posted on on 5-15-05)

Unleashed is a bit of a dichotomy in the fight film genre. It is bone crunchingly brutal, yet with astonishing moments of sweetness. Or, maybe, it is astonishingly sweet, yet with bone crunching moments of brutality. Regardless, like any good Daoist, it tries extremely hard to find that right balance between the two – sometimes admirably, sometimes clumsily.

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Kung Fu Hustle – Movie Review (****)

(Originally posted on on 5-13-05)

Stephen Chow is a stud. He absolutely gets movies as entertainment. Plus, he isn’t cowed by the Hollywood juggernaut. Unlike so many other Hong Kong film makers (like John Woo, Tsui Hark and Ringo Lam) who have tried to make the move to Hollywood with varying degrees of success, he isn’t in any rush to jump on the bandwagon; he is perfectly content making his movies the way he wants for the audience he knows.

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