Hairspray – Movie review (***1/2)

(Originally posted on on 7-29-7)

Ok, I will admit right up front that I am only passingly familiar with the original John Waters movie on which the Broadway musical (and thus by extension this film version of the musical) was based, and even though I can hold my own in a casual film geek conversation that involves John Waters movies, I really can’t pull off an in depth critical conversation of his filmography. I have no real excuse other than to say that during that period in my life when Waters was making his cross over from truly independent film to more mainstream type fair I was busy watching independent foreign horror and martial arts movies (not much different than what I do today). Having said that, based on how sweet and fun the story was for this movie, I might go back and revisit the whole Waters’ oeuvre.

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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – Stage Review (**)

(Originally posted on on 12-03-05)

Alright, I admit it. I am way more sentimental about certain things than I really should be. It hampers me as a writer and it hampers me in all of the other non-writer… types of things… in which I engage… and stuff. This little failing of mine was really at its most evident to myself on a recent business trip to New York City. While there I tried to get tickets to see Monty Python’s Spam-A-Lot, but with the show being inexplicably sold out on a Thursday night and the only possible way of getting tickets being to stand in line and hope there was a cancellation, I opted instead to catch a performance of the musical stage adaptation of the classic family film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

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