Flash Fiction Story: Many Worlds by Ben Fuller

(This is a short flash fiction story that is me kinda trying to understand some heavy physics with no math skills.)

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“From the viewpoint of the theory (‘Many Worlds Theory’), all elements of a superposition (all ‘branches’) are ‘actual’, none any more ‘real’ than the rest.” – Hugh Everett III Continue reading

Attack the Block – Movie Review

(Originally posted on Republibot.com on 9-11-11)

The plot is the simplest and most dependable in the industry. Our little group of heroes are surrounded by the enemy with no easy way to escape, so they hunker down and figure a way out. Only this time our heroes are a group of adolescent hoodlums, the enemy are feral aliens with sharp glowing fang-y teeth, and they are trapped in their tenement building in a British ghetto.

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District 9 – Movie Review

(Originally posted on Republibot.com on 8-24-09)

I think the best way I can kind of level set this whole conversation and get my overall take on District 9 out there is to say that the story and the acting is on about a par with a Syfy Channel Original. It is cast with a number of mid-level charismatics/unknowns that wouldn’t be able to open a major big budget movie on their own. It starts in pseudo documentary style and then pops in and out of that format as needed in order to drive the plot forward.

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Aeon Flux – Movie Review (**)

(Originally posted on i-Pocalypse.com on 12-17-05)

Aeon Flux is a bit of a conundrum to review as far as a movie goes. It is a big screen adaptation of an all flash over substance cartoon in which a scantily clad female assassin jumped through body contorting physical stunts in the pursuit of her quarry only to die at the end of each episode. And, oh yeah, each installment only lasted 2 minutes. And it was made for MTV – Music Television. You know, the place where intellectual depth is prized above all else, unless, of course there is the option of shaking your booty or spring break fashion show concerts or pretty much anything else sparkly that would catch the eye of an average attention deficit 15 year old. And did I mention she was scantily clad. Really scantily clad. I mean “electrical tape” scantily clad.

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Star Trek (2009) – Movie Review

(Originally posted on Republibot.com on 05-08-09)

To preface, let me be clear – I am not a big fan of JJ Abrams. I have maybe seen 15 minutes tops of Alias across three episodes, and for Lost you could safely add another 10 minutes to that total. I loathed Star Trek: The Next Generation and had no use for the movies. I cannot speak intelligently about any of the other Next Generation series other than crack Borg Jokes about self-important looking status climbers sporting their latest blue tooth ear pieces or an occasional completely out of context sexist Seven of Nine comment. I liked the original series (which is apparently now referred to as TOS) well enough as a child, but that was mainly because my brother loved it and anything he dug must have been worthwhile.

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