Muppets Most Wanted – A Facebook Thread (inspired by my movie review)

After I posted my review of Muppets Most Wanted (as a series of Bullet Points) here, I shared it on FB and it created some great conversation on how the new generation of Muppet Movies compare to our childhood love of the Muppets. Since we are all old, that basically dates back to the original movies and TV series, as well as their premier on Sesame Street.

I thought it would be fun to just post the thread here for posterity’s sake. Continue reading

Muppets Most Wanted – Movie Review (as a series of bullet points)

The Muppets factor into my earliest happy memories. I have a huge soft spot for them that overrides most reason. They just released a new movie. After how easy and fun my Bullet Point Review of Divergent was, I figured I would do it again, but this time about Muppets Most Wanted. Plus, I love Tina Fey.

So. Here you go. Continue reading