The Flaming Lips at the Palms in Las Vegas – 9-16-07

(Originally posted on on 9-22-07)

It is funny how the Flaming Lips just kind of snuck up on me. I had never heard of them until the release of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots in 2001, and even then I only came across them on accident when the album was being streamed online by AOL in pre-release. The title completely caught me off guard and made me smile, which isn’t always an easy thing to do. And really, that in a nutshell has pretty much been my whole experiences with the band ever since – continually doing something that catches me off guard and makes me smile. I think I connect mostly with their music for their alternately goofy and wise lyrics and for their seemingly endlessly restless searching nature. And now I am a fan – as big a fan as I can be of anything, anyway…

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Fearless Freaks – Movie Review (***)

(Originally posted on on 6-6-05)

The Flaming Lips are a bit of an odd man out group in the music world. They are one of those groups that have literally been around forever (since 1983) in one form or another. Fearless Freaks, a documentary by Bradley Beesley, follows the group from their youth through the various incarnations of the group to their signing with Warner Bros in ’91 through to the release of their CD Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.

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